Handcrafted Driftwood Arches

Custom made driftwood arches from the coastal water ways of Alabama and Florida. Choose from an existing styles or have us design your fairy tale arbor. Driftwood arches and wedding decor are available for sale or rent. Available for Pensacola, Fl to Fort Morgan, Al.

Make your backdrop of your pictures a spectacular piece of art.

Don't get bamboozled.


Custom Driftwood fish and Home Decor

Handcrafted driftwood fish from Pelagic species to smaller inshore fish  crabs and other wildlife. I also create abstract animals of all sizes.

Home decor, candle holders, centerpieces and light fixtures are available made to order.


Private intimate wedding or proposal aboard a Sailboat

Come celebrate your special day abroad Arminda a 40 foot sailing yacht. Ask for their hand in marriage under the setting sun or back on the quiet bayou.

Have a special wedding service aboard the sailboat at anchor.



Since 1993

Meliefish Driftwood Sculptures

Artist Melanie Klaas was born and raised on the gulf coast of Alabama. Collecting driftwood from the back bays and coastal water ways of Alabama and Florida. Each sculpture is handcrafted and made with care. The fish art and decor pieces are made for indoor or  covered porch living. Melanie can create all types of fish home decor and wedding arches from simple elegant style to fairy tale four poster arbor.



Next Steps...

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Melanie Susanne Klaas