three piece Arch

These handcrafted arches come in three different styles.. They are perfect for any occasion, beach, garden or an inside ceremony.

starting at $150.00

semicircle or pentagon shaped arch

These two arches give you a beautiful frame with a great space for your backdrop.

Starting at $200.

four poster fairytale

This handcrafted arch is the perfect setting for a dreamy canopy on the beach orĀ  in garden setting.

Starting at $300.

customize your arch for your theme

All arches can be customized with fabric, flowers, greenery and lights. I will coordinate with your planner or florist about stylizing arch.

Arches are around 7 feet tall and 6.5 feet wide.

Drapery available for rent in cream or white $20.00.

Ceremony table available for rent $20.00.


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